LCH Medical Products : The european reference of disposable medical material and devices.

   The success of LCH has been built thanks to the responses and solutions to issues we have been able to find to the medical sector (hospital, practionners, medical staff...) : safety, quality and comfort.

 Regarding asepsis, LCH has positioned immediately devices and disposable medical
products, most likely to :

- Fight against nosocomial infections,
- Give maximum comfort to the practitioner and his patients
- Reassure patients

Thus LCH was a pioneer in the creation of disposable
sterile care kits and dressing kits. Our innovation is based on the concept itself, the
ergonomic of the kits, the Nessicare  method (storage and unfolding studied), and the
quality of components.

Our range Nessicare also includes disposable sterile
instruments of high quality and high precision. These instruments are the
perfect complements of kits and are essential in the current hospital acts.

Thus, through our range Nessicare, LCH is the hospital reference of the market for disposable
sterile kits.


On the market for disposable medical protection, LCH has many essential and recognized references by care and health professionals : disposable
gloves, surgical masks, care masks, protection masks, protective gown, protective
coverall, shoe covers, caps...


Indeed,we have a wide range of disposable gloves like latex gloves, vinyl gloves,
nitrile gloves, synthetic gloves, sterile gloves with the famous: Sensitex,
Sensinyl, and Nitriskin Sensimax ...

 Similarly,our range of Aerokyn masks is advocated by all care and health professionals for
the quality of protection and comfort.

Aerokyn masks are adapted to different interventions and users (masks children).


In order to always anticipate the needs of practitioners, LCH can be based on:

- Skills and motivation of its staff, including many care and health professionals
- Strength, structure and growth of the NOVOMED GROUP

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